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2019 WFCA Combine and Recruiting Profiles


Only Player Profile Signups Available Now

The 2019 WFCA Combine is complete. Only sign-up for the Epoch Recruiting Player Profiles is available now.


Thank you for registering for the 2019 WFCA Combine coming up on April 27th. Only Wisconsin high school athletes in the Classes 2020 and 2021 are eligible to attend.

Please note to complete this registration you will need the following information:

Athlete name
Cell/Home phone
Twitter handle
High school
Graduating class
Primary & Secondary Position played
T-shirt size
Parent/guardian information

Cost of the combine is $60. We are also excited to offer the opportunity for athletes to sign up for recruiting profiles with the WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profiles (www.epochrecruitingwi.com).

The cost of the Player Profile by itself is normally $125 ($150 after the Combine), but we are pleased to offer an incredible value of both the Combine and the Player Profile for just $150! Full details of the WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile can be found below.

You will be required to pay via credit or debit card to complete this online registration. The Combine is limited to the first 500 athletes to sign up.

The WFCA will be hosting a combine for high school athletes on April 27th, 2019. The event will take place at Sussex Hamilton High School's new indoor facility. The school address is:

W220 N6151 Town Line Road
Sussex, WI 53089

Athletes will participate in waves during the day based on position groups. The information on registration, warm-up, and testing times is below, though it is subject to change. The primary position you sign up at will determine what group you participate with.

We will test on the following: 40, Pro Agility, L- drill, vertical broad jump, and bench press. You will get two (2) attempts at each test. Every player will get a verified height and weight figure as well.

Also, after testing is completed, Class of 2020 and 2021 quarterbacks and receivers are invited to participate in on-field passing drills in front of college coaches.

Results will be posted on Wifca.org and WisSports.net, and provided to D1, D2, and D3 colleges across the Midwest. College coaches will be in attendance once again (75 attended last year from numerous states around the Midwest), including Division 1 schools (there were nine D1 coaches there last year). To view results from last year's Combine, which featured more than 550 athletes, please click here.

Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED BY THE WFCA! You will have the option at checkout to purchase Registration Saver insurance through our third-party partners; this insurance will cover you if you need to cancel or withdraw from the Combine. You are not required to purchase this insurance, but if you do not, refunds will not be provided by the WFCA for any cancelations. 

WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profiles

Players who participate in the Combine can purchase a WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile. In essence, a WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile is an online tool that provides college football coaches with all of the pertinent information they seek as recruiters. Highlights of a WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile includes: official Combine results and rankings, position, year in school, height and weight (as measured at the Combine), player contact info, parent names, high school coach’s name and contact info, video highlights link, transcript, player stats/awards/honors, and an “About Me” narrative. This information is free for college coaches.

The WFCA has created this profile option so that out Combine participants will have the ability to create an online resume at an affordable price. There are outside sources that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an online profile. Although the WFCA is not a recruiting service, we feel college coaches trust the Combine results, rankings, and player information provided as accurate. Thus, WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profiles carry more weight than a paid recruiter’s would.

For $150, a player can sign up for both the Combine and a WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile. The cost of sign up for the WFCA/Epoch Recruiting Player Profile by itself is $125 up until the Combine and $150 after the Combine.

Special Hotel Rate

We have set up a special rate for those attending the Combine at the Holiday Inn Pewaukee-Milwaukee West and Wildwood Lodge hotels, which are just minutes away from Sussex Hamilton. To book the Wildwood Lodge, please call the hotel at 1 (262) 506-2000 and ask for the WFCA Combine block of rooms. Reservations at the Holiday Inn can be made by calling 1 (262) 506-6300 and requesting the WFCA Combine rate.


Please direct questions to:

Combine questions: Tony Biolo, WFCA President -- tony.biolo@wrps.net

Technical issues:  Travis Wilson, WisSports.net -- travis@wissports.net

Epoch Recruiting Player Profile questions: Matt Harris, Epoch Recruiting -- matt@epochrecruiting.com

WFCA Disclaimer

The WFCA has created this profile option so that our Combine participants will have the ability to create an online resume’ at an affordable price. There are outside sources that charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for an online resume”. The WFCA is supplying official WFCA Combine results and rankings based on the results. These are not made up numbers but are in fact numbers obtained by the trained professionals at NX Level. We are not a recruiting service but we feel college coaches trust us. We also feel college coaches know our Combine results and rankings are accurate and carry more weight than a paid recruiter.

We are now making it easier for college coaches and high school football players to meet through the WFCA Player Profile. Our profile is an online resume’ that allows each player to update their own profile by using their login and password. College coaches will be able to contact players directly from their profile. Players will be able to send out their own personal profile by copying and pasting the link in emails they send to college coaches.

A player’s profile will be visible on our site for 365 days before the player has to renew his profile. Your profile will become active 48 hours after you complete the registration. Your profile will automatically update with combine results once the combine is completed.